Lark's Song

Only twenty-four and widowed once again, Lark Smith, nee Sheppard, is unable to support herself and her three young children. Unwilling to return to her family in Texas and be a burden to them or accept her landlords proposition to become his mistress, she is forced to leave her home. Selling her body isn’t an option, finding a new husband is her only acceptable choice.
Raven O’Neil, a half-breed, lost his inheritance – his father’s farm – to his half-sister and her lawyer husband. He’d spent years drifting until found work and a home at the Garrison Saloon in Caruthers, Colorado. His peace is shattered when he receives a letter from his sister, requesting his return to the farm in Iowa. The last time he’d been in touch with his sister he lied and told her he was married, and now he must find a wife.

Making a lie come true was his plan. Security for her and her children was hers. Falling in love wasn’t in the equation. As Lark and Raven struggle to build their new life together, a man from Raven’s past returns and threatens to destroy everything.

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Author Lola Grace Stevens